Is There A Better Way to Foster Leadership in The Workplace?

Too many organisations have workers, not leaders. Leaders are strong communicators with high levels of integrity that help those around them. But how can we transform our workplace from one where people merely do their job to one where leadership flourishes? Employee engagement is the crucial difference.

What’s the Purpose of Leadership?

Any thriving business will have a workforce where employees take responsibility for the duties entrusted to them. Leadership is the crucial ingredient which sets such companies apart. Leaders will take responsibility and ownership of their role. They know how and when to help those around them, and they personally believe in the goals they seek to achieve. Leaders know how to listen, but they also know when to speak up.

How Can We Turn Our Employees into Leaders?

With employee engagement tools, workers can be turned into leaders. Even those who might once have seemed disenchanted and disconnected can be engaged and take to the forefront. It’s about building a culture of trust. But how do you do it?

How to Increase Staff Engagement

The first step is for managers to listen to their employees. We need to discover what it is that our employees think about their roles, the business and workplace. When we trust our employees and empower them to make their office a better place, we have already begun the task of transforming them into leaders.


A traditional way of doing this is by survey questions to understand company culture. Transparency with management builds a cycle of trust. A trusted process whereby your employees can engage and communicate with you, on a regular basis, will elevate their sense of ownership and responsibility.

New Strategies for a New Age

The same old tired strategies just won’t do any more. Open-ended employee engagement surveys are an ongoing and immediate way in which your workers can communicate directly with you.


PeopleListening™ provides the tools which will allow your employees to become leaders in their workplace. Employee engagement strategies that work are always based on empowering your workers. What better way to do that than by a friendly AI program? It feels more like messaging a friend on social media than talking to your boss.

Modelling Leadership

PeopleListening™ will foster leadership in the workplace, not just among your employees, but among managers too. Listening to the staff is a way of taking responsibility and leadership in a company.

Foster Leadership with Our Employee Engagement Software

Start fostering leadership in the workplace today with PeopleListening™ – an employee engagement platform that helps improve communication, learning and development, team and individual enablement, transition and retention. By knowing how your people feel and where to act, you can drive positive leadership, culture and engagement in your business.


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