Creating a Custom Engagement Strategy for Organisations

Having an effective employee engagement strategy is essential for many businesses. Evidence shows a significant impact of employee engagement on business performance. Research has shown an engaged workforce improves productivity and efficiency, reduces staff turnover, increases profits and helps retains customers at a higher rate.


Engaged employees are infused with energy, enthusiasm and purpose. This makes an engaged workforce much happier at work and in general, helping to develop a more positive overall company culture. However, it can be difficult to determine the right approach to formulating and implementing an employee engagement strategy.

Finding the Right Employee Engagement Tools

As more and more businesses realise the importance of engagement, a growing number of employee engagement tools have become available. Many can be cumbersome and fail to deliver lasting results. To be effective, an employee engagement strategy must take into account the particular engagement and motivation problems different individuals have in your workplace.


This is largely influenced by the size, type and structure of your company, as well as other unique attributes of your workplace. Something like an annual survey with present answers generally cannot capture the complicated and varying issues at play. They are also cumbersome to produce, complete and review.

The Key to Successful Employee Engagement Strategy

A lot of things can influence employee engagement, from company values and culture, brand and reputation, to learning and development, leadership, communication and much more. To capture every area of concern and get specific feedback about your workplace you can act on, you need to incorporate open-ended employee engagement survey questions.


The problem with open ended feedback is the amount of work in analysing and categorising that information in order to make actionable plans. Smart employee engagement platforms like PeopleListening™ are capable of doing this. Your employees can provide feedback and ideas into the platform anonymously at any time. Advanced text analytics tools can then analyse and classify these responses based on key themes.

Create Custom Plans from Custom Responses

Our employee engagement platform involves deploying a ‘workplace companion’, which is where workers submit feedback and thoughts. We’ve taught the companion to ask meaningful questions on areas of interest, probing in a constructive way. All feedback is confidential, safe and never judged.


As employees continue to contribute feedback and ideas into the platform over time, you can see what areas people feel need work in what areas of the organisation. You can then implement plans to resolve particular issues and track how they affect engagement and the mood of the organisation over time.

Our Custom Workplace Engagement Platform

PeopleListening is an employee engagement platform that uses open ended feedback and tailored action plans to help improve engagement in the workplace. By knowing exactly how your people feel and where to act, you can drive positive leadership, culture and engagement in your business. Get in touch with our team today for employee engagement strategies that work. Call us on +61 3 9923 7659 for your demo or contact us online.

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