Realtime conversations powering deep people insights

People like to talk about their experiences at work. They don’t like answering long repetitive questionnaires quarterly or less often.

Good managers support their team by listening and enabling people. They aren’t helped by infrequent, dull and vague reports.

Unfortunately, many employees and managers don’t get what they need or want from typical employee engagement surveys.

PeopleListening surveys are deployed using conversational AI. Employees can engage with our Evolved Verbatim Engine (Eve for short) and provide ideas, feedback and thoughts whenever they want to. We’ve taught our companion to ask meaningful questions and probe on areas of interest and relevance in a positive and constructive way.

PeopleListening transcends these issues. It’s the next generation of workplace engagement technology that uses advanced chatbot functionality. It’s better because:

customisable questions

Employees engage in simple, confidential, monthly natural language conversations about experiences at work. Our data shows this produces a three times increase in volume of feedback

Managers receive regular, easy to use online reports with clear directional feedback. They can easily identify issues and know where to focus

Map Survey Results

It delivers deeper organisational insights including engagement drivers and advanced measures of stress, emotional connection and at-risk employees


It offers multi-language capability and flexibility to ask your own questions

So in summary, PeopleListening delivers more feedback, deeper insights, enabled managers, reduced attrition and increased discretionary effort at a happier workplace.

See the future of employee engagement for yourself.