Analysing Engagement Data In Your Business

When you’re looking for ways to improve employee engagement, gathering information with surveys and interviews is a great start. But without access to the proper employee engagement software and analysis, your business won’t be any better off in the long run. PeopleListening™ , however, is a unique piece of software. It doesn’t just gather the data you need – it processes that data, analyses it, and turns it into valuable information that you can use to get real results. Here are just a few of the ways PeopleListening™ can use cutting-edge analysis technology to increase your employee engagement.

A Rich Pool of Data

All too often when managers are thinking about how to measure employee engagement, they realise that they don’t haven’t obtained the right raw data. It’s a bit like cooking; even if you’re the best chef in the world, you’ve got to start out with quality ingredients. When gathering the best raw data about your employees, surveys and interviews can be problematic. Anonymous surveys are great for getting candid thoughts, but asking pre-conceived questions can lead to unhelpful, pre-conceived answers. In face-to-face interviews, on the other hand, you can’t always be sure that you’re getting honest answers from employees who might be holding something back. For generating employee engagement tips, PeopleListening™ has the best of both worlds; the data pool we use for analysis is anonymous, honest, real and meaningful.

Industry Leading Analysis Techniques

The genius of PeopleListening™ is that it first generates valuable data and then systematically processes it into easy to implement information. On its own, open-ended feedback would take hours to synthesise, but with PeopleListening™, you can understand the needs of your workforce on scale and use that to drive employee engagement. You can see what matters to your employees, and with multi-language processing, you can do it across multiple languages like Chinese, Arabic and Thai, too.

Results that are Easy to Access and Understand

It’s all well and good to gather huge quantities of data and analyse it with the most advanced techniques available, but if you don’t know what your results mean, they’re not going to be much use to you. You’ve got enough stressors already without having to learn a whole heap of jargon.   That’s why PeopleListening™ has ensured that our analysis is easy to access and understand. Each manager can receive their own tailored results, which are accessible on mobile devices. PeopleListening™ generates charts which will show levels of engagement over time and map the mood of your organisation on an ongoing basis. It makes performance management and employee engagement simple, visual, and easy to understand.

Analyse Engagement Data with Our Employee Engagement Software

To start analysing engagement data in your business, use People Listening – an employee engagement platform that helps improve communication, learning and development, team and individual enablement, transition and retention. By knowing how your people feel and where to act, you can drive positive leadership, culture and engagement in your business.

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