5 or 500 Employees? Your Company Still Needs Engagement Software

Companies are infinitely varied in size, scope, and their staff. However, one factor remains constant: the importance of employee engagement. That’s why PeopleListening™ has a wide range of packages and prices to suit everybody’s needs. Whether you have a staff of 5, 500, or even five hundred thousand, PeopleListening can show you how to engage employees.

First, What Exactly is Employee Engagement Software?

PeopleListening creates an AI avatar which chats with your employees online. It generates results, like a survey or an interview. From the employee’s point of view, however, it feels like writing to a friend via text message or Facebook messenger. Check out the demo for free, and you’ll see just how effective, casual and easy it is to garner feedback from your staff.

How Can It Help a Business?

No matter how many people you employ or what your employees do, you can always improve your bottom line with engagement software. Are you really getting the most out of your employees? Are they totally engaged in their work? Are you hearing everything of importance that they’re trying to tell you?
You might not even know it, but employees have valuable ideas about how to improve efficiency and morale at your company. PeopleListening helps you gather those ideas, analyse them, and implement them for the betterment of the entire organisation. We know how to how to increase staff engagement.

Different Packages for Different Organisations

Because employee engagement software is electronic and online, it can scale to a massive size in a way that would be unwieldy and expensive for extensive organisation-wide interviews. You can imagine that if somebody were to actually try and interview your entire corporation simultaneously, it would be very loud and confusing. That’s why it’s beneficial to have PeopleListening, a state-of-the-art employee engagement platform that generates fast, unique results.
PeopleListening isn’t just for massive corporations spanning the globe. Your company, no matter how big or small, needs to make sure that its employees feel as though they are being listened to. Even in a small group, people can start to feel isolated and undervalued. PeopleListening is a great way to keep your employees engaged – even if there’s only a handful of them.

Contact Us for Effective Employee Engagement Software

Check out our pricing plans and support your business with PeopleListening – an employee engagement platform that helps improve communication, learning and development, team and individual enablement, transition and retention. By knowing how your people feel and where to act, you can drive positive leadership, culture and engagement in your business.
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