4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement In Your Workplace

Employee engagement is essential for the success of any business. Productivity and retention strategies are key considerations for organisations of all sizes everywhere. However, creating effective employee engagement strategies isn’t easy. Managers and team leaders in a workplace can struggle to keep their team motivated and committed to the vision of the company.

For performance management and employee engagement initiatives to be successful, they must be tailored to the unique needs and motivations of employees in your workplace. Below are some ways that you can help instil a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in your employees.

1. Good Leadership

Competent and hands-on leadership is a crucial aspect of engaging employees. It requires honesty and passion, such as showing genuine interest and taking the time to understand the needs and aspirations of each employee. Inspiring leadership sends the message that employees are valued which tends to create goodwill and a desire to succeed.

Ask your employees regularly about their experience in the workplace and how it can be improved. This can be done both informally through casual conversation as well as formal surveys and other avenues for feedback. Find out how your employee’s define success with open-ended employee engagement survey questions.

2. Opportunities for Development

One of the biggest reasons a workplace will have a poor retention rate is a lack of opportunities for growth and development. Employees who feel underused are disengaged. Ensure your employees are undertaking tasks that challenge them and allow them to use their skills. Find out what their career plan is and what training and development opportunities might help them advance within the company and in general.

3. Meaningful Work

Engaged employees feel they are contributing to something meaningful, believe what they are doing has value and take pride in the results of their efforts. Employers can reinforce the importance of each role in a workplace by helping employees see the direct relationship between their efforts and the success of the business.

Make the work more meaningful by challenging employees, setting specific goals and granting them the autonomy to make decisions about and improve what they are doing.

4. Personal Rewards and Recognition

While good pay and benefits are key motivating factors, rewards and recognition for accomplishments incentivises higher performance and keeps employees focused. There’s no need for lavish gifts. Even a thank you, celebration or recognition of a milestone works. Publishing and celebrating good results is another great way to motivate employees.

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